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AES will help restore peace, grow your business and make more money...

Since 1996, AES has helped companies like yours overcome the challenges  of running a business. We've been business owners too!  As independent advisors, we deliver proven solutions solving the growing problems of rising costs and regulations for small businesses. AES is unique, starting with a needs-assessment to gain an understanding of your unique situation. AES's objective is to empower you with information necessary to decide which HCM platform is best suited for your company; delivering the solution you need for the success you want.

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human capital managemen

Human Capital Management

From applicant tracking, to onboarding, training, rewarding, educating, retiring/terminating. Seamless lifecycle management that brings sanity to HR.

human figure

HR Compliance

50 states, 3242 counties & 35,000 cities. How do you keep up with all the regulations changing daily?

YOU don't, WE DO.

workers comp image

Benefits & WC

Benefits and Workers Comp.

The two most volatile items on most SMB's P&L. Put stability in your budgeting and planning, and get control back.

risky forklift

Risk mitigation

EEOC, DOL, IRS, INS and 80 more alphabet agencies are looking for ways to get into your business. Put those risks onto our solutions.


Listen to the people
client testimonial from Tom

Tom, CFO - Entertainment

We had a problem, the AES team introduced us to a PEO that was able to stabilize our medical and bring a consistent plan to our whole company across multiple states. People Stopped Complaining.

Client testimonial from Matt

Matt, Owner - Service

We were stuck in a bad PEO with old technology. The AES team set up an HCM demo and we were blown away. Really didn't know how bad we had it until that day. AND they were able to secure our COVID payroll tax rebates to help offset the cost of the HCM - PERFECT!

Client testimonial from Stacy

Stacy, HR Pro - Manufacturing

We  were with a small PEO because we thought they'd save us money, BUT, AES introduced us to a PEO with a national presence and now we're getting great value.

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